Hey there! I'm Huw

Over the last 6 years I’ve worked across the entire data value chain from Data Engineering to Machine Learning Engineering. I’ve helped global brands better understand how to use data effectively and built a Data Science team from the ground up.

But I wasn’t enjoying it. Trying to figure out how to improve a model or uncover a particular insight was interesting but it couldn’t keep my attention for long. I was feeling unfulfilled and disappointed that the career path I’d chosen seemed to be the wrong one.

Then I discovered MLOps. A perfect blend of working to achieve the state of the art in Machine Learning and tackling the engineering and infrastructure problems it has. MLOps gave me the ideal balance to work on.

Now, I lead an MLOps team and run MLOps Now to educate others & businesses on the transformative practice of MLOps.

It’s never been a better time to get into MLOps as more and more businesses need better infrastructure for their ML practices. Sign up to the newsletter below and become the MLOps master you want to be.

Photo of Huw Fulcher, the creator of MLOps Now

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